About the Book

An inspiring story of a courageous 33 year old woman’s battle with Cancer shared through her own words. Her story is spread over a year and half as she fights against all odds for her right to live. Her story inspired thousands around the world as she blogged her journey and battle with an astounding attitude filled with hope and expectation. Through her words, she truly made this “A Beautiful World”.

About the Author

Tatiana (Titova) Smith and her husband Dallas M Smith went through a fierce battle with an aggressive and rare form of Cancer. In the midst of it all, Tatiana decided to blog about it as she tried many alternative treatments across North America. Tatiana decided before she passed, to get Dallas to turn the blog into a book that could hopefully inspire others fighting against this horrible dis-ease that so many are faced with. There is hope, you can face it and you can do so in a way that can inspire others, ensuring you have left a legacy of positivity and happiness in many lives when your day finally does come, be it sooner or much much later!!

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